Saying Goodbye to New York City


I’m so thankful for my time in New York City and the unexpected friendships and work opportunities. You go through amazing adventures with people you are seemingly so different from…and over the years they become family. Some are your neighbors, or (gasp) a roommate off Craigslist, and others live an hour away in another borough. One (ahem) might have even launched paper clips over your cubicle until you became friends.

You find solidarity because you all are pursuing some passion that brought you so far from home. You are all growing in a world very different from the one you came from. I’ve spent holidays with them, weathered a hurricane with them, celebrated weddings and new births— and we’ve cried and laughed and made goofy faces through it all (even when there was no air conditioning).

Miles have been walked discussing life and faith, hours sat on the fire escape or roof pondering the future– and yes, countless stairs climbed with arms full of groceries. The uniqueness that is New York City is irreplaceable. There are characters that seemed to walk straight out of an Edith Wharton novel or a Woody Allen film (…or just Woody Allen himself). There’s the strange and the bizarre mixed with the elegant and refined. Oh, and there’s that terrifying little mouse that occasionally popped up.

Each day brought something new. You never knew who you might run into on the subway platform, pass on a cross walk, or sit by at brunch. Sometimes it was coworkers, friends from church, classmates or neighbors. On occasion it might even be a celebrity who you would shamelessly stalk/take photos of.


While I’m also thankful for new doors and being only a five-hour drive  from family, those unforgettable NYC moments have changed me for the better. I’m excited for the millions of others who will find themselves on those magnificent city sidewalks searching for or fulfilling their dreams.