A Blizzard in NYC and Vermont

Playing in clean snow is a luxury in Manhattan. Soon after a pristine covering, the color changes to slate grey as the white is mixed with dirt and unknown grime. There’s a momentary sigh as New York City stretches and rests.

After snow coming down Friday evening and throughout the night, I woke up Saturday morning to near silence. My roommate made pancakes and we sipped our coffee on the couch, listening to a few birds out the window while watching How to Steal a Million.

My plans to go to Vermont with a group of friends had been changed to late Saturday morning because of Mayor Bloomberg’s warnings to stay off the roads if possible on Friday, so I had to quickly pack and head out before we finished watching Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole steal their million.

Vermont was worth the rush though. We rented a home in Ludlow, and as soon as we arrived we all jumped in the hot tub. That night there was a town Zombie parade, a chowder cook-off, bonfires, and fireworks. Everyone was so friendly!

 The next day we went into town to peruse the shops and drink hot chocolate, and then afterwards we went snowshoeing. There was a winding river, frozen on the sides, and mounds of snow.

A weekend like this makes a blizzard welcome! If I can eat pancakes, drink coffee, and play in the snow, I can survive almost any winter the Northeast throws at this Southern gal.