Ice Skating in NYC


Ice skating is so much fun, especially outdoor ice-skating. I grew up in the south and that doesn’t necessarily make outdoor ice-skating easy (which makes me treasure it that much more)! Now that I live only a few blocks away from a rink I have no excuse not to go…and so, last week I went to Wollman Rink with some friends and remembered why I love it:

1.) When I swirl around the rink my inner child channels Nancy Kerrigan or Michelle Kwan and I pretend (delusional of course) to be just as graceful.

2.) You get to go fast. Really fast.


2.) I wear all of my winter gear at once in the pretense of staying warm. I adore hats, scarfs, gloves, and extra layers of any kind. You feel so cozy!

4.) Hot chocolate (no day is complete without chocolate).

5.) It’s a workout without feeling like it. You know?


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