Twitter Tips for New Authors

Social media networking is powerful across most industries, but particularly in publishing. For authors who don’t already have a built in audience, they can begin following authors they emulate within their category—whether it be via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or the author’s website. Here are five simple tips for new authors looking to build a social media presence on Twitter:

1. Who are the top 10 bestselling or influential authors in the same genre or category of aspiration?  Take notes on what they are tweeting about and how they engage their audience.

2. Who are those authors following? Begin following bloggers, reviewers, and other authors or fans of similar interest. Most will follow you back.

3. Then, engage those followers (without being over-eager or annoying). Look at what they are tweeting about and re-tweet or answer questions they ask. This is the most important part of any social media platform (engagement).

4.  Use something like Hootsuite or TweetDeck to schedule tweets throughout various parts of the day—an example schedule could be one mid-morning once people get to their work desks, one early afternoon, and then an evening tweet for those who check in at night.

5. Hashtag. This is a great way to find people of similar interests who are involved in related conversations. Also, take a look and see what hashtags are trending and when relevant, jump in!

Here are more Twitter tips for beginners from Huffington Post:

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